Life Skills

Course Description

Prerequisite: None                   Credits: 2
Grade Level: 11-Required      Semester: 2

This course will equip you with everyday life skills that are important in our 21st-century world.  The first semester will include a Consumer unit that will inform you how to make wise decisions as a consumer in the marketplace; the Employment unit will take you through the process of identifying a career that would suit you and developing a career plan to achieve that career; a saving and spending plan will be developed in the Budget unit; and the Banking unit will cover proper use of debit cards, recording banking transactions, and reconciling a checking account.  The second semester will inform you of the proper use of credit and credit cards as well as the dangers that will be covered in the Credit unit; you’ll gain insight in the Investing unit for different ways you can earn and invest your income to be able to retire when you want; the Tax unit will inform you about the different taxes you will pay as an adult as well as walk you through the preparation of a tax return; the Insurance unit will cover types of insurance you will deal with both now and later in life; and the Digital Citizenship unit will help you make wise decisions while online. This is a required course for all juniors.

Topics Covered

Digital Citizenship

Lesson Plans