Course Description

Prerequisite:  None Credit:  1

Grade Level: 9-12 Semester:  F/S

Careers is a course where students determine their personal and professional strengths, interests, and preferences. Students explore nationwide career options using the 16 career clusters. Utilizing a variety of research, assessments, interviews, and work-based learning opportunities, students will gain insight into the knowledge and skills required of various industries and professions. The course will give students the confidence to make informed career choices today and in the future.

Topics Covered

Agriculture, food, and natural resources
Architecture and construction
Arts, audio/video technology, and communication
Businesses management and administration
Education and training
Government and public administration
Health science
Hospitality and tourism
Human services
Information technology
Law, public safety, corrections, and security
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
Transportation, distribution, and logistics

Lesson Plans