Advertising and Marketing

Course Description

Prerequisites: None      Credits: 2
Grade Level: 10-12         Semester: 1 F/S

Would you like to write a Super bowl commercial, design a logo for a new product, or create a multimedia promotional campaign for your favorite company? Have you ever wondered how companies make commercials, how many thousands of ads you see in a single day, why Procter & Gamble sells 12 brands of detergent, or why you buy what you buy?

This course answers these questions and many more as students explore the various strategies used by companies to communicate with the consumer. Through selected readings including marketing texts, case studies, and current news articles, students acquire a general background in marketing, advertising, and public.  Students will be able to identify the four P’s of marketing, Product, Price, Place, Promotion.

Topics Covered

History of Marketing
Socially Responsive Marketing
Marketing and Economics
Marketing Basics
Marketing Information and Research
Developing a Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan
Developing Successful Products
Getting Products to Customers
Determining the Best Price
Effective Promotion

Lesson Plans