Day 65

Lesson Objectives

  • Explain the purpose of the Federal Reserve System
  • List the types of financial institutions.
  • Discuss factors for selecting a financial institution.
  • Understand the history of one of the oldest banks in America

Notes 1-1

  1. Obtain a Notes 1-1 Handout (Espanol) from your instructor and fill in the missing parts through the presentation.  You can also view the Notes 1-1 Presentation (Espanol).

Assignment BAU1

  1. Inside of your Life Skills folder, create a new folder named Banking Unit.  You will place any files you create in the Banking Unit inside of this folder.

Assignment BAU2

  1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet.
  2. Fill in the Completed column with an X as you get your assignments completed as a means to stay organized.

Assignment BAU1.1

  1. Inside of your Banking Unit folder, create a new folder titled Lesson 1.  All your tasks completed in Lesson 1 should be stored in this folder.

Assignment BAU1.2

  • Banking has been around for a number of years.  In this assignment, you will learn more about the history of banking as well as the services a bank has to offer you the customer.  To attain this understanding, complete the following:
    1. Watch this video as it details the history of one of the largest banks in America today, Wells Fargo.
    2. Use the internet to find two secondary sources of information about the establishment and growth of Wells Fargo.
    3. Assume you have been hired by Wells Fargo to market the bank to prospective customers.  It is your job to inform them about the history of the bank and how it has progressed to what it is today as a means to try to get them to become a new customer for the bank.  
      1. You will need to create a new Google Slides presentation titled Wells Fargo-(Your Initials).  In this presentation, use multiple slides (5 at a minimum) to explain the development and growth of Wells Fargo bank.  Be sure to detail how it got started and how it has grown to the size it is today.  Use separate slides to identify different time frames as well as new services that the bank began to offer.  When you are complete, your presentation should include the following:
        • Appropriate background(s)
        • Slide transitions
        • Animations
        • Appropriate pictures and video to add to your content presented
        • Appropriate slide layouts to portray your information in an appropriate manner
        • One slide that identifies your sources of information