Day 34

Lesson Objectives

  • Understand the long-term impact of student loans.
  • Identify reasons for not taking on debt to fund your education
  • Develop a plan to attend college without acquiring debt.
  • Demonstrate how to apply for financial aid.
  • Identify the educational requirements, training, and cost for your career of choice.
  • Analyze post-high school education and career training options.

Assignment EU3.3

  1. Watch Video 3.3
  2. Discussion Questions:
    1. What are some excuses people make for taking out student loans?
    2. What percentage of student loan borrowers had difficulty repaying their student loan?

Assignment EU3.4

  1. Beware and Be Wise:  Read “A MESSAGE FROM DAVE” located in Section 1, pg 107. Evaluate Dave’s warning about the long-term effects of student loan debt. Also, read the following case studies:
  2. Design a poster to inform teens about the long-term effects of student loan debt and to persuade them to avoid financing their college education altogether.  Your poster must include:
    • Based on the case studies, highlight some of the things these former students had to sacrifice in order to pay back their student loans.
    • Research online to find two additional examples of how student loan debt has impacted the lives of former students.
    • Provide a challenge to an opposing claim regarding student loans.
  3. Other things to consider:
    • Dave compares student loan debt to a “monster in your closet.” What does he mean by that?
    • What are some of the sacrifices former students in your case studies have had to make in order to repay their student loan debt?
    • Remember, the purpose of this poster is to grab your peers’ attention and clearly express the dangers of student loan debt. Be creative!