Day 39

Lesson Objectives

  • Prepare an application form and a resume.
  • Identify the parts of an application cover letter.
  • Discuss the online application process.
  • Explain the importance of a cover letter.
  • Compare the two types of resumes.

Notes 4-2

  1. Obtain a Notes 4-2 Handout (Espanol) from your instructor and fill in the missing parts through the presentation.  You can also view the Notes 4-2 Presentation (Espanol).
  2. Read the Lesson 4-2 Textbook.

Assignment EU4.3

  1. When looking to get a job, two of the items you will need to submit to the employer are a cover letter and resume.  To learn more about each of these items, look through this presentation
  2. Upon gaining a stronger understanding of a cover letter from the presentation as well as this sample cover letter, make a copy of this Google Document (Espanol), name it Cover Letter-(your initials), and prepare a cover letter applying for one of the three jobs you found in the Finding the Right Job task.
  3. Upon gaining a stronger understanding of a resume as well as this sample resume, make a copy of this Google Document (Espanol), rename it Resume-(your initials), and prepare a Reverse Chronological resume for the job you chose to apply for with your cover letter.  When developing the resume, assume you have completed high school on time and then completed your necessary college schooling on time as well.  In regards to work experience, you can make up some adequate jobs you might have held during your years of schooling.  It should look similar to this when finished.