Day 101

Lesson Objectives

  • Understand the important steps to follow when getting a bank loan
  • Demonstrate how to fill out a student loan application

Assignment CU4.4

  • Part I – How do loans work?
    1. The first loan we’re going to look at is a student loan.  One of the best ways to determine what you qualify for in regards to student loan dollars is completing the FAFSA.  Watch this Student Loan video to identify the important steps that are advised for filling out this FAFSA form.  Also, note what things you may want to avoid.  
  • Part II – Filling out the FAFSA
    1. Using these instructions (Espanol) and the data you collected about a college you would like to attend (Employment Unit, Lesson 2, My Education), and make a copy of this FAFSA form (name it FAFSA-(Your Initials)), complete the form.  Assume you are graduating high school this year.