Day 111

Lesson Objectives

  • Explain the billing and payment process for credit cards

Assignment CU5.7

  1. Once you establish an understanding of credit cards, have researched your options, and have chosen one; your monthly statements begin to arrive once you start using them.  Use the following links and information to better understand how the billing and payment processes work with credit card companies.
    • Credit Card Payments and Finance Charges
      • Read this article (Espanol) and answer these questions (Espanol) to find out more about the payments and finance charges associated with credit cards.
    • How to get out of Credit Card Debt
      • Read this article (Espanol) and answer these questions (Espanol) to find out suggestions for getting out of debt if you find yourself in it at some point in your life.
    • Keeping Credit Card Information Safe

Assignment CU5.8

  1. After completing the assigned tasks in Lesson 5 above, share your Lesson 5 folder with your teacher. Your Lesson 5 folder should contain the following file:
    • Credit Card History
    • Credit Card Types
    • Credit Card Applications
    • My Credit Card Choice
    • Credit Card (Poster)
    • Making the Minimum
    • Credit Card Bills (Google Form)
    • Credit Card Debt (Google Form)
    • Credit Card Safety (Google Form)

Lesson 5 Quiz-CU

  1. Complete the Lesson 5 Quiz for the Credit Unit.