Day 98

Lesson Objectives

  • Discuss credit problems and available assistance.
  • Research the means that credit fraudsters use to get your personal information

Notes 3-2

  1. Obtain a Notes 3-2 Handout (Espanol) from your instructor and fill in the missing parts through the presentation.  You can also view the Notes 3-2 Presentation (Espanol).

Assignment CU3.6

  1. The major question people have is how do these criminals get my personal information.  
  2. Utilize these videos to help better understand the schemes and tricks that are used.  
  3. After watching the videos, describe what you saw in each situation and how you would have prevented this from happening to you.  Record your responses in a full paragraph for each video (3 total paragraphs) in a new Google Document titled Credit Fraud Tricks-(Your Initials).