Day 99

Lesson Objectives

  • Evaluate credit fraud cases to better understand the importance of protecting your identity

Assignment CU3.7

  1. Credit Fraud
  2. Credit Fraud Cases
    • Using the number you and your partner were assigned for the articles above, read the linked court documents below using the same number:
      1. United States of America, v. Jonathan Webster
      2. United States of America, v. Mauricio Warner
      3. United States of America, v. Ogiesoba City Osula
      4. United States of America, v. Tanya Fox
    • Be sure to find the following information that is also shown in your credit cases link above:
      1. What did he/she/they do?
      2. ​​What fraud took place?
      3. Who was involved?
      4. Who suffered on account of the actions?
      5. What was the penalty?
      6. Was there anything done to remedy the recipient of the fraud?
    • Use the internet to find TWO additional viable resources that will expand on the case in more detail.  
    • ​Create a new Google Document titled Credit Fraud Case-(Your Initials) and place it in your Lesson 3 folder.  Type a half to full page report (size 12, Times New Roman, double spaced) documenting your case.  Be sure to provide specific details from your research to tell the story.  Insert a footer at the bottom of the page and list your two sources of information and a link to those sites.

Assignment CU3.8

  1. After completing the assigned tasks in Lesson 3 above, share your Lesson 3 folder with your teacher.  You should have the following files in your folder prior to it being shared:
    • Credit Fraud
    • Identity Theft Prevention
    • Consumer Credit Laws
    • Credit Fraud Tricks
    • Credit Cases
    • Credit Fraud Case

Lesson 3 Quiz-CU

  1. Complete the Lesson 3 Quiz for the Credit Unit.