Day 178

Lesson Objectives

  • Articulate why it’s important to consider the perspectives of others
    in online (and offline) communities.
  • Consider the motivations and feelings of all the parties involved in
    an incident of online cruelty.
  • Draw conclusions about how they should respond when someone is the target of online cruelty.

Assignment DCU5.6

  1. Vocabulary
    • Perspective is the view or outlook of someone, based on their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and background.
  2. In any situation, the people involved generally hold different perspectives, which influence the way they feel about the situation and how they react to it. 
  3. Discussion Questions:
    1. Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you had a different point of view?  What happened?  How did you feel?
    2. Why is it important to understand someone else’s perspective?
  4. Watch this video showing the Friday Night Lights video clips.
  5. Make a copy of this document, rename it Perspectives-(Your Initials), and move it into your Lesson 5 folder.  

Assignment DCU5.7

  1. Obtain a partner(s) from your instructor.
  2. Friday Night Lights is a show that takes place at Dillon High School, in a fictional small town in Texas, where much of the activity revolves around the school’s football team, the Panthers.  The main characters in the show are:
    • Lyla: Lyla is head of the cheerleading team at Dillon High School. Her boyfriend was the football team’s quarterback. Recently, she cheated on her boyfriend with another football player named Tim.  Her classmates participated in a website that slams Lyla for her behavior.
    • Brittany: Brittany is Lyla’s alternate on the cheerleading team. She set up a website where she and others at school slam Lyla.
    • Tim: Tim is a player on the football team. He secretly dated Lyla while she was still seeing the team’s quarterback, who was his friend.
    • Tami: Tami is the school’s guidance counselor. She often has to intervene in interpersonal conflicts at the school.
    • Ben: Ben is Brittany’s father.
    • Buddy: Buddy is Lyla’s father, and he is a successful car dealer in the town of Dillon.
  3. Make a copy of this document, rename it Role Call-(Your Initials), and move it into your Lesson 5 folder.
    • After watching the “Friday Night Lights Video Clips,” take the perspective of the characters shown in each row of the table. First, determine what role the character plays in the situation: target, offender, bystander, or upstander. Then use the character quotation and the questions as a guide to help you understand each character’s perspective. For each question, write a response in the space below each question.

Assignment DCU5.8

  1. After completing the assigned tasks in Lesson 5 above, share your Lesson 5 folder with your teacher.  Your folder should have the following files in it:
    • Cyberbullying
    • Rumors
    • Dial Down
    • Dial It Down

Lesson 5 Quiz-DCU

  1. Complete the Lesson 5 Quiz for the Digital Citizenship Unit.