Day 118

Lesson Objectives

  • Describe the history of insurance

Assignment IU1

  1. Inside of your Life Skills folder, create a new folder named Insurance Unit.  You will place any files you create in the Insurance Unit inside of this folder.  Click the SHARE button and share it with your instructor.

Assignment IU2

  1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet.
  2. Fill in the Completed column with an X as you get your assignments completed as a means to stay organized.

Assignment IU1.1

  1. Inside of your Insurance Unit folder, create a new folder titled Lesson 1.  All your tasks completed in Lesson 1 should be stored in this folder.

Assignment IU1.2

The Concept of Pooling

  1. Make a copy of this History of Insurance Worksheet (Espanol) document, rename it to Seeds of Hope-(Your Initials), and place it in your Lesson 1 folder.
  2. Read this article, “Seeds of Hope in Fields of War” (Espanol).  Complete the questions in the document.

History of Insurance

  1. Make a copy of this History of Insurance Study Guide (Espanol) document, rename it to Insurance History-(Your Initials), and place it in your Lesson 1 folder.
  2. Learn about the history of insurance via this presentation (Espanol).  As you read through it, complete the questions in the study guide.

Basics of Insurance

  1. Watch Insurance 101 and use this article (Espanol) to gather an understanding of the basics of insurance.  
  2. Take what you have learned about insurance and create a new Google Drawing to visually detail to others what insurance represents to you.  Utilize images, shapes, color, and text to showcase your learning. Name the file What is Insurance-(Your Initials) and move it into your Lesson 1 folder.