Day 129

Lesson Objectives

  • Create a personal property insurance list

Assignment IU3.5

  1. Your Inventory
    • Make a new Google Sheet titled My Inventory-(Your Initials) and place it in your Lesson 3 folder.  In your spreadsheet, create a separate sheet tab for each room in your house or apartment.
    • Use the internet to search for “personal property insurance inventory list” to locate websites that feature forms (3 at a minimum) that can be used to create a personal property inventory.  Forms are often available on the websites of insurance or moving companies.  At the top of your spreadsheet, place the websites you obtained your lists from in the first three rows.
    • Using the information and labels from lists you found in #2 above, make your own listing of the items that you/your parents currently have in each room in your house or apartment that you would want to be covered on your homeowner’s policy.  Put those listed items within the separate room sheet tabs you created in #1 above.  This list would be what you would use as evidence of your belongings if a peril were to destroy your property.  
  2. Homeowner’s Insurance and Perils
    • Make a copy of this Google Document (Espanol), rename it Homeowners Insurance-(Your Initials), and place it in your Lesson 3 folder
    • Obtain your assigned peril in the table shown below and find an insurance case dealing with that peril.  Read about the case and use the information from it to complete the table in the document.  
    • In the last column of the table, identify what homeowners policy shown below the homeowner would have needed in place to cover for this loss.