Day 31

Lesson Objectives

  • Identify the financial services used by consumers.
  • Explain types of checking accounts.
  • Describe electronic banking activities.
  • Compare and contrast a large, national bank compared to a small, local bank

Notes 1-2

  1. Obtain a Notes 1-2 handout from your instructor and fill in the missing parts through the presentation.  You can also view the presentation here.

Assignment BAU1.3

  1. Obtain a partner from your teacher.
  2. To learn more about the banking products and services offered by different banks, research the following large scale banks in the United States along with a local, smaller bank with your assigned partner.  
    1. U.S. Bank vs Sibley State Bank
    2. Wells Fargo vs Melvin Savings Bank
    3. Bank of American vs Ashton State Bank
    4. J.P. Morgan Chase vs United Community Bank
    5. Citigroup vs  Frontier Bank
  3. Once you have researched these companies, create a poster depicting the similarities and differences between their services, product offerings, and location.  Be sure to also detail how efficient their website was to find the information you were looking for.

Assignment BAU1.4

  1. After completing the assigned tasks in Lesson 1 above, share your Lesson 1 folder with your teacher.  When you are finished, your Lesson 1 folder should have the following files:
    • Wells Fargo

Lesson 1 Quiz-BAU

  1. Complete the Lesson 1 Quiz for the Banking Unit.