Day 44

Lesson Objectives

  • Understand how to get a credit report and how often it is updated
  • Identify the nine different parts of a credit report

Assignment CU2.4

  1. A credit report brings attention to some important things in your financial life.  To better understand a credit report, use these links to answer these questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES in this Google Document.  Make a copy of it and rename it My Credit Report-(Your Initials):
  2. Using this sample credit report, detail the four personal categories of information that are identified in a credit report and what information is included in those four categories.  Create a new Google Drawing titled Credit Report Parts-(Your Initials).  In your drawing, create a sample credit report.  Then use drawing objects and arrows to identify the different parts of the report and what information is included in them.  Your sample credit report should include all six aspects of a report.