Day 82

Lesson Objectives

  • Identify the legal and ethical considerations involved in using the creative work of others.
  • Understand an individual’s rights and responsibilities as a creator and consumer of content.
  • Practice critical thinking and ethical decision making about the use of creative works. 

Assignment DCU3.3

  1. Make a copy of this Google Document, rename it Photo Book-(Your Initials), and move it into your Lesson 3 folder.
  2. Use the directions in this PDF file.

Assignment DCU3.4

  1. After completing the assigned tasks in Lesson 3 above, share your Lesson 3 folder with your teacher.  Your folder should have the following files in it:
    • Respect
    • Photo Book

Lesson 3 Quiz-DCU

  1. Complete the Lesson 3 Quiz for the Digital Citizenship Unit.