Day 6

Lesson Objectives

  • Describe the steps in the career planning process.
  • Identify the difference between a job and a career.
  • Identify a career of interest for you.

Notes 2-1

  1. Obtain a Notes 2-1 handout from your instructor and fill in the missing parts through the presentation.  You can also view the presentation here.

Assignment EU2.1

  1. Inside of your Employment Unit folder, create a new folder titled Lesson 2.  All your tasks completed in Lesson 2 should be stored in this folder.

Assignment EU2.2

  • What is the difference between a job and a career as well as a wage versus a salary?  To learn the difference watch this video
  • How do your high school class choices affect which career you choose?  Read this article.
  • Take the Career Test to determine what type of job might best fit you.  When you get finished with the career test and are shown your results (look for “Your Personality type is…” or here), click on Description at the bottom of the page.  Read through the specifics about your test results.  Look through the list of jobs at the bottom of that page they feel would meet your personality type .
  • Create a new Google Document titled Job vs Career-(your initials) and type a summative paragraph explaining your results and the recommendations they give for you in a career.  Be sure to document in your Google Document the personality type (alphabetic code) that they give you.