Day 67

Lesson Objectives

  • Describe property insurance coverage.
  • Explain property insurance policies.
  • Identify factors that affect property insurance costs.
  • Identify the components involved with property insurance

Notes 3-1

  1. Obtain a copy of the Property Insurance Notes Handout from your teacher and fill in the notes through the presentation.  You can also view the presentation here.

Assignment IU3.1

  1. Inside of your Insurance Unit folder, create a new folder titled Lesson 3.  All your tasks completed in Lesson 3 should be stored in this folder.

Assignment IU3.2

  1. Make a copy of this Google Document, rename it Personal Property Policy-(Your Initials), and move it into your Lesson 3 folder.  Complete the word find within the document by changing the background color to GREEN of each letter for the word found.