Day 26-27

After completing Lesson 5-1, you will be able to:

  • Define accounting terms related to using a checking account.
  • Identify accounting concepts and practices related to using a checking account.
  • Prepare business papers related to using a checking account. 

Chapter 5 Folder

  1. Inside of your Part 1 folder, create a new folder titled Chapter 5.  All your tasks completed in Chapter 5 should be stored in this folder.

Notes 5-1

  1. Obtain a Notes 5-1 handout from your instructor and record your notes through the presentation.  You can also view the presentation here.

Working Together 5-1

  1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet.
  2. Place this file in your Chapter 5 folder.
  3. Rename the file to Lesson 5-1-(Your Initials)
  4. Complete the spreadsheet according to the directions on page 123 or below.

On Your Own 5-1

  1. Forms are given in the Working Papers.  Work these problems independently as instructed on page 123 or below.

Self-Assessment 5-1

  1. Complete this self-assessment for Lesson 5-1.  You can use your textbook and notes to complete this assessment.

Lesson 5-1 Assignment

  1. Using the checkbook packet from your instructor, complete Application Problem 5-1 as directed on page 140 or below.