Day 34-36

An Accounting Cycle for a Proprietorship: Journalizing and Posting Transactions

  • Reinforcement activities strengthen the learning of accounting concepts and procedures.  Reinforcement Activity 1 is a single problem divided into two parts.  Part A includes learning from Chapters 1 through 5.  Part B includes learning from Chapters 6 through 8.  An accounting cycle is completed in Parts A and B for a single business.  Extreme Adventures.

Assignment R1A

  1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet.
  2. Create a new folder inside of your Part 1 folder titled Reinforcement Part IA.
  3. Rename the file to Reinforcement Activity 1A-(Your Initials)
  4. Complete the spreadsheet according to the directions on page 147-149.

Assignment R1A Audit

  1. Using your completed documents for your Reinforcement Activity Part I-A, complete this audit.

Reinforcement Part IA Folder

  1. Share your Reinforcement Part IA folder with your teacher.