Day 37-40

After completing this research, you will be able to:

  • Identify and research a service business.
  • Determine the service business’s form of ownership, product/services offered, form of distribution, location(s), and competition.
  • Prepare a research report detailing your findings.
  • Prepare a presentation to highlight the important aspects of your research.

Assignment SBR

  1. In chapters 1-5, you were introduced to a service business owned as a proprietorship.  You were shown what services and products the business might have available for its customers.  The primary financial focus in Chapters 1-5 was on what accounts the service business uses, how to record and keep record of the transactions affecting the business, and what procedures need to be accounted for in doing so.
  2. In this project, you will be required to identify a current service business.  You will need to find out the company’s history/story, determine the current location(s) of that business, what services and possible product offerings they have, what type of ownership they have, who is their target market, how do they distribute their service or product, and who is their competition.  Once you have identified this information, you will write a research report to showcase your specific findings.  You will then create a Google Slides presentation to showcase and overview of your findings.  Here are the specific steps to following:

Day #37:

  • Create a new folder inside of your Part I folder and title it Service Business Research.
  • Identify the service business you’d like to research
  • Use the internet to find the following:
    1. History of the company
    2. Current location(s)
    3. What service and/or product(s) they offer
    4. What form of ownership does the company have
    5. Who is their target market
    6. How do they distribute their service and/or products
    7. Who is their competition

Day #38:

  • Continue your research if needed.
  • Take the research findings you found and created a research report titled Service Business-(your initials). Your document should have the following settings:
    • 1″ margins
    • 12 point font size
    • Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced
    • Headings shown in Heading 1 Font Styles
  • Use the following headings for your report:
    • Introduction
    • History of (Company)
    • Ownership
    • Service(s) and Product(s) Offered
    • Current Location(s)
    • Target Market
    • Competition
  • Under each heading, detail the findings that you obtained from your research.  
  • Your report should be a good two pages long.
  • Your report should contain a work cited page at the end showing your resources listed in alphabetic order.
  • Use this sample report to help you set up your own report.

Day #39 and #40

    • Continue working on your research report
    • Prepare a Google Slides presentation that provides an overview for the listed headings above.  You should have one slide per heading listed above.  Name the presentation Service Business Presentation (Your Initials).
    • Utilize the following in your presentation:
      • Appropriate slide background color or image
      • Slide transitions
      • Appropriate animation on text, graphics, and images
      • Appropriate text color
      • Use of images
      • Use of drawing objects
      • Incorporate at least one video
      • Variety of slide layouts
    • Share your Service Business Research folder with your instructor.