Day 127-129

When you are finished with this Reinforcement Activity II-Part A, you will be able to:

  • Journalize accounting transactions for a corporation.
  • Post transactions to a general and subsidiary ledger.
  • Prepare payroll records for a corporation.
  • Record a payroll, prepare payroll tax reports, and pay and record withholdings.

An Accounting Cycle for a Corporation: Journalizing and Posting Transactions

  • Reinforcement activities strengthen the learning of accounting concepts and procedures.  Reinforcement Activity 2 reinforces learning from Part 2, Chapters 9 through 16.  Activities cover a complete accounting cycle for a merchandising business organized as a corporation.  Reinforcement Activity 2 is a single problem divided into two parts.  Part A includes learning from Chapters 9 through 13.  Part B includes learning from Chapters 14-16.The accounting work of a single merchandising business for the last month of a yearly fiscal period is used in this reinforcement activity.  The records kept and reports prepared, however, illustrate the application of accounting concepts for all merchandising businesses.Medical Services Company (MSC)

    Medical Services Company (MSC), a merchandising business, is organized as a corporation.  The business sells a complete line of medical accessories, from crutches to lift chairs.  MSC is located in a medical office plaza adjacent to the hospital and is open for business Monday through Saturday.  A monthly rent is paid for the building.  MSC accepts credit cards from customers.

Reinforcement Activity II-Part A

  1. Create a new folder titled Reinforcement 2A inside of your Part 2 folder.
  2. Make a copy of this Google Sheet, rename it RA2A-(Your Initials), and move it into your Reinforcement 2A folder.
  3. Complete the Reinforcement work according to the directions on page 398-401.

Reinforcement Activity II-Part A Audit

  1. Reinforcement Activity II-Part A Audit