Day 26

After studying Lesson 5-3, you will be able to:

  1. Understand important principles in designing an effective organization.
  2. Compare alternative organizational structures for businesses.

Assignment 5.3.1

  1. Obtain a copy of the notes handout.
  2. Read Lesson 5-3 on pages 113-116.
  3. As you read, utilize this presentation to help you fill in the missing parts on the handout.

Assignment 5.3.2

  1. Lesson 5-3 Assessment

Assignment 5.3.3

  1. Many schools are organized using a functional organizational structure.  Teachers are organized into departments such as English, Mathematics, Science, and Business.  How could a school be organized using a matrix structure?  Design an organizational chart that illustrates a matrix structure for your school.  Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the matrix structure as applied to a school.  To complete this task, do the following:
    1. Create a new Google Drawing titled Organizational Structure-(Your Initials) and place it in your Chapter 5 folder.
    2. Read the information provided about Matrix Organizational Structure on page 116 of your textbook.
    3. Using the drawing features in Google Drawing, design an organizational chart similar to the one in Figure 5-3 on page 115.  Be sure to label each part to identify how our school could be organized into a Matrix structure.