Day 1

Assignment 1.I.1

  1. Take this Course Pre-Test to identify what you currently already know about Personal Finance.

Assignment 1.I.2

  1. Navigate to My Drive within your Google Drive account.
  2. Within My Drive, create a new folder titled Personal Finance.
  3. Inside of your new Personal Finance folder, create a new folder titled Unit 1.
  4. Inside of your Unit 1 folder, create a new folder titled Chapter 1.  Everything you complete for Chapter 1 will be stored within this folder.

Assignment 1.I.3

  1. Read pages 8-11 in your Chapter 1 Textbook.
  2. Read each of these statements and mark whether you agree or disagree.

Assignment 1.I.4

  1. As we work through this course, you will keep a digital journal where you will answer questions presented in your workbook.  To get started, do the following:
    1. Make a copy of this Google Document.
    2. Rename the file to Personal Finance Journal-C1-(Your Initials).
    3. Move this file into your Chapter 1 folder in your Google Drive.
    4. Fill out the first row of the table by answering the question.

Assignment 1.I.5

  1. Read Chapter 1, pages 8-23.