Day 5

Lesson Objectives

  • Describe what personal finance is.
  • Outline the components of effective financial planning.
  • Identify focuses of study throughout this course.
  • Understand the evolution of America’s dependence on credit.
  • Observe and analyze the “normal” American family as it relates to personal finance.
  • Develop communication strategies for managing money and discussing financial issues.
  • Evaluate your own money personality; identify your money strengths and weaknesses.

Assignment 1.S.1

  1. Read each of these statements and mark whether you agree or disagree.

Assignment 1.S.2

  1. Make a copy of this document.  Rename the document to Chapter 1 BOWYL – (Your Initials).
  2. Complete the graphic organizer in the document.

Assignment 1.S.3

  1. Utilize this review to assess your learning from Chapter 1.  You have as many attempts as you need to get as good of a score as you can.  You are free to use your Chapter 1 Textbook when going through this review.

Assignment 1.S.4

  1. Make a copy of this document.  
  2. Rename the document Short Answer 1-(Your Initials).
  3. Move the Short Answer 1-(Your Initials) into your Chapter 1 folder.
  4. Use your Chapter 1 Textbook link to help answer your questions.
  5. Answer the questions in complete sentences.

Assignment 1.S.5

  1. Make a copy of this document.
  2. Rename the document Case Studies 1-(Your Initials).
  3. Move the Case Studies 1-(Your Initials) into your Chapter 1 folder.
  4. Read three of the cases and write a possible resolution to the problems presented. Remember to apply the personal finance knowledge and principles you have learned in this chapter.

Chapter 1 Folder

  • Tomorrow you will turn in your Chapter 1 folder.  This folder should include the following files:
    • Personal Finance Journal-C1
    • New Deal Policy
    • Financial Well-Being
    • Chapter 1 BOWYL
    • Short Answer 1
    • Case Study 1
  • If you have not yet completed all of these, use time today to get those finished as well.