Day 79

Lesson Objectives

  • Clarify your educational and career goals.
  • Understand the components of goal setting.

Assignment 11.2.1

  1. Watch Video 2.1
  2. Record the missing words from page 233 of the textbook as they pop up on the left side of the video screen by filling in this form.  (page 233) .
  3. Discussion Questions:
    1. How can you make your goals clear and actionable?
    2. What’s the best way to go about achieving long-term goals?
    3. What does it mean to write goals in the positive, not the negative?

Assignment 11.2.2

  1. Make a copy of this Google Document, rename it Career Research-(Your Initials), and move it into your Chapter 11 folder.
  2. Choose three different occupations that you want to know more about and research them online.  Fill in the attached document for each one you choose.

Assignment 11.2.3

  1. In your Personal Finance Journal-C11 file in your Chapter 11 folder, complete the next row in the table by answering the question listed.