Day 82

Lesson Objectives

  • Identify the best practices of successful people.
  • Develop a resume.
  • Analyze the interview process and develop personal interview skills.

Assignment 11.4.3

  1. Watch Video 4.3
  2. Record the missing words from page 238 of the textbook as they pop up on the left side of the video screen by filling in this form.  (page 238) .
  3. Discussion Questions:
    1. What are two important factors to remember when job hunting?
    2. What are the steps in applying for a job?
  4. Watch Video 4.4
  5. Record the missing words from page 242 of the textbook as they pop up on the left side of the video screen by filling in this form.  (page 242) .
  6. Discussion Questions:
    1. Summarize Dave’s advice as to how you should present yourself during an interview.
    2. What are some things you should do to prepare for an interview?
    3. What are some things you should do after an interview?

Assignment 11.4.4

  1. You will assume you are preparing yourself for an upcoming interview for the dream job that you have been working hard to prepare for.  As a means to ensure you will answer the interview questions thoroughly, you have done some research and found common interview questions that will be asked of you in the interview, which are shown in the document below.  To help you prepare for this important interview, complete the following:
    1. Make a copy of this Google Document, rename it Interview-(Your Initials), and move it into your Chapter 11 folder.
    2. Use the questions in the document to prepare yourself for the interview by answering each one thoroughly assuming you have recently obtained the necessary training to get into the career you desired.

Assignment 11.4.5

  1. The purpose of a résumé is to highlight your skills and make you stand out when compared to other applicants. Use this document to build your own resume using the online tool provided within the document.

Assignment 11.4.6

  1. In your Personal Finance Journal-C11 file in your Chapter 11 folder, complete the next two rows in the table by answering the question listed.