Day 33

Lesson Objectives

  • Understand the long-term impact of student loans.
  • Identify reasons for not taking on debt to fund your education
  • Develop a plan to attend college without acquiring debt.
  • Demonstrate how to apply for financial aid.
  • Identify the educational requirements, training, and cost for your career of choice.
  • Analyze post-high school education and career training options.

Assignment 5.2.1

  1. Watch Video 2.1
  2. Discussion Questions:
    1. What are some excuses people make for taking out student loans?
    2. What percentage of student loan borrowers had difficulty repaying their student loan?

Assignment 5.2.2

  1. Imagine that you have just graduated from college, have landed a great job in your career field, and are planning to marry your college sweetheart.  You are debt-free, you can afford to cash-flow your wedding and start saving for a down payment on your first house. 
  2. Your task is to create a new Google Document titled Thank You-(Your Initials).  In this document, you need to write a letter to your pre-college self for planning ahead and choosing to not take out a student loan or use credit cards.  Be sure to share specifics about the strategies that would have been used to ensure you didn’t go into debt at any level through those four years.  Utilize strategies talked about in your Chapter 5 Textbook and information gleamed from the videos we’ve watched.  Your letter should be formatted like this and should be three paragraphs at a minimum.

Assignment 5.2.3

  1. In your Personal Finance Journal-C5 file in your Chapter 5 folder, complete the next row in the table by answering the question listed.