Day 45

Lesson Objectives

  • Identify ways companies compete for your money
  • Be familiar with marketing strategies that encourage people to go into debt or finance large purchases
  • Evaluate how peer pressure can affect spending decisions
  • Summarize factors that influence consumer decisions
  • List five steps you should take before making a major purchase
  • Evaluate the role opportunity cost plays in purchasing decisions
  • Describe the effect of inflation on buying power

Assignment 6.R.1

  1. Select and listen to TWO of the Ask Dave radio calls below:
  2. As you listen, think about or take notes on how you could summarize the caller’s situation, including the financial information needed to make a decision, followed by the advice that Dave gave the caller.
  3. Make a copy of this Google Document, rename it Ask Dave 6-(Your Initials), and move it into your Chapter 6 folder.  In this document, respond to the questions.

Chapter 6 Folder

  1. Log into your Google Drive account.
  2. Navigate to your Chapter 6 folder inside of your Unit 2 folder.
  3. Your Chapter 6 folder should contain the following files:
    • Personal Finance Journal-C6
    • Commercials
    • Marketing
    • Marketing Advertisement
    • Financing
    • Cost of Cool
    • Daily Decisions
    • Costs
    • Peer Pressure
    • Short Answer 6
    • Case Studies 6
    • Ask Dave 6