Day 63

Lesson Objectives

  • Explain how investing builds wealth and helps meet financial goals.
  • Examine the relationship between diversification and risk.
  • Identify regulatory agencies and their functions.
  • Evaluate investment alternatives: money markets, bonds, single stocks, mutual funds, annuities, and real estate.
  • Explain the Rule of 72.
  • Identify different types of retirement plans.
  • Explain how taxes affect the rate of return on investments.
  • Understand how pre-tax and after-tax investments work.
  • Understand how the stock market works.
  • Be familiar with the various retirement account tax treatments.
  • Develop a plan for investing; describe how to buy and sell investments.
  • Analyze the components of an employer benefits package.
  • Explain how compound interest works.

Assignment 8.S.1

  1. Read each of these statements and mark whether you agree or disagree.

Assignment 8.S.2

  1. You currently don’t have any money to invest?  Brainstorm at least five job options for teens.
  2. Create a new Google Document titled Job Options-(Your Initials) and move it into your Chapter 8 folder.
  3. Inside of your document, list the five job options you came up with and then explain why that job might be a good option.

Assignment 8.S.3

  1. Utilize this review to assess your learning from Chapter 1.  You have 10 attempts to get as good of a score as you can.  You are free to use the online textbook above when going through this review.

Assignment 8.S.4

  1. Make a copy of this document.  
  2. Rename the document Short Answer 8-(Your Initials).
  3. Move the Short Answer 8-(Your Initials) into your Chapter 8 folder.
  4. Use your Chapter 8 textbook link to help answer your questions.
  5. Answer the questions in complete sentences.

Assignment 8.S.5

  1. Make a copy of this document.
  2. Name the document Case Studies 8-(Your Name) and move it into your Chapter 8 folder.
  3. Read three of the cases and write a possible resolution to the problems presented. Remember to apply the personal finance knowledge and principles you have learned in this chapter.

Chapter 8 Folder

  1. Log into your Google Drive account.
  2. Navigate to your Chapter 8 folder inside of your Unit 3 folder
  3. Share your Chapter 8 folder with your teacher.  Your folder should contain the following files:
    • Personal Finance Journal-C8
    • Gifted Investment
    • Invested Gift
    • LFPP
    • Prospectus
    • Investment Type
    • Investment Options
    • My Investment
    • Rule of 72
    • Comparing Investments
    • Retirement Options
    • Wealth Pyramid
    • Retirement Planning
    • Job Options
    • Short Answer 8
    • Cash Studies 8