Day 5-6

Upon completion of this Lesson 1, you will be able to:

  • Start Google Document and identify the parts of the opening screen. 
  • Enter text in a document.
  • Navigate a document. 
  • Use the Backspace and Delete keys to correct errors. 
  • Rename a document. 
  • Create a folder in which to store your document. 
  • Locate and open an existing document.
  • Create a new, blank document.
  • Magnify and reduce the document using the Zoom feature. 
  • Use Full-Screen Reading view and preview a document. 
  • Change the page orientation of a document. 
  • Print a document. 
  • Sharing and exiting Document. 

Lesson 1 Textbook

  1. Read the Textbook and complete the step-by-step activities as they appear in your reading.