Day 11

Upon completion of Lesson 2, you will be able to:

  • Select text. 
  • Create paragraphs without blank space between them. 
  • Undo, redo, and repeat recent actions. 
  • Move and copy text using drag-and-drop and the Clipboard. 
  • Use the Clipboard. 
  • Find and replace text. 
  • Identify the number of words in a document or a selection. 

Project 2-1

Create a list of commonly misspelled words.

  1. Open a new Document. Change the Style to no spacing (Single) after a paragraph.
  2. Type the list of commonly misspelled words shown below.
    • Committee
    • Occurrence
    • Occasional
    • Separate
    • Received
    • Personnel
    • Correspondence
    • Judgment
    • Absence
    • Accommodate
  3. Type Responsibility below Accommodate.
  4. Undo the last action. Parts of the word Responsibility disappears.
  5. Redo the undone action. The parts of the word Responsibility appear again.
  6. Use the drag-and-drop technique to alphabetize the word list.
  7. Press the Command+Down (Apple) or Ctrl+Search+right (Chromebook) Arrow keys, press the Enter key twice, and then type your name.
  8. Name the document as Spelling List-(your initials) and close the document. 

Project 2-2

Create a checklist to send to candidates for a summer language workshop. The checklist should include the items missing from their applications.

  1. Open the Workshop.docx Data File. Rename the document as Workshop Checklist-(your initials).
  2. Move the insertion point to line 2 of the document.
  3. Type the following sentence at the beginning of line 2:
    • We are pleased that you have applied to be part of the Summer Language Workshop at Granville University.
  4. Use the drag-and-drop technique to move the line Nonrefundable $15 application fee to the end of the checklist.
  5. Select the entire document. Copy the selection to the Clipboard.
  6. Press the command+down (Apple) or Ctrl+Search+right (Chromebook) arrow keys to move to the end of the document. Paste the contents of the Clipboard.
  7. Jump to the end of the document, and then type your name on a new line below the list.  Delete any blank paragraphs.
  8. Preview the document by changing your zoom slider to 50%. 

Project 2-3

You own a Web site design business, and you have developed some tips for companies that
now have Web sites. However, the document needs to be corrected before being distributed.

  1. Open the Web Site.docx Data File. Rename the file as Web Site Tips-(your initials).
  2. Highlight all instances of the word sight in the document. Replace them with the word site.  There should be 10 replacements.
  3. Make the insertions and deletions indicated by the proofreader’s marks in Figure 2-13.
  4. Display word count. Move to the blank paragraph below tip number 6, type Document word count:, press the spacebar, and type the number of words currently in the document.
  5. Change to single spacing and then press the Enter key. Type Introductory paragraph word count:, and then press the spacebar.
  6. Insert another paragraph using single spacing. Type Introductory paragraph character count with spaces:, and then press the spacebar.
  7. Select all of the text in the introductory paragraph, and determine the number of words in the selection. Move to the end of the document, and then type this number after the phrase you typed in Step 5.
  8. Determine the number of characters, including spaces, in the introductory paragraph, and then type this number after the phrase you typed in Step 6.
  9. Jump to the end of the document, press the Enter key twice, and then type your name.
  10. Close the document.

Project 2-4

Your business is sponsoring a golf tournament to benefit the local food pantry. Create an information sheet to post on a bulletin board.

  1. Open the Golf Tournament.docx Data File. Rename the document as Golf Tournament Notice-(your initials).
  2. Position the insertion point in the blank paragraph between the document heading and the first paragraph. Type the following text using single spacing with no spacing after the paragraph.
    • Where: Forest Hills Golf Club
    • When: June 26-27
    • Time: Tee times begin at 8:00 a.m.
    • Cost: $50 entry fee per person
  3. With the insertion point in the last line that you typed, change the line spacing back to Add space after paragraph.
  4. Select the word Where. Type Location.
  5. Undo the change you made in Step 4.
  6. Cut the four lines you typed at the beginning of the document.  Paste the four lines you typed below the paragraph in the document. 
  7. Cut the last sentence in the first paragraph.  Paste the For more information sentence in a paragraph below the four lines you typed.
  8. Copy all the text in the heading.  Paste the heading at the end of the first sentence in the document, after Sixth Annual
  9. In the last line, select the text Robert Shade, and then type your name.
  10. Close the document.

Project 2-5

The Career Placement Center is preparing informational pamphlets as a resource for people seeking employment. Edit the following page of the pamphlet.

  1. Open the Job Interview.docx Data File. Rename the document as Interview Preparation-(your initials).
  2. Replace all instances of the word notes with the word information. You should have two replacements.
  3. In the last sentence, replace the word these with this.
  4. In the second paragraph, in the first line, cut the text be sure to.
  5. Cut the second paragraph.
  6. Paste the paragraph you just cut below the last paragraph in the document.
  7. At the end of the document, type your name in the empty paragraph.
  8. Close the document. 

Activity 2-1

  1. Create a new Google Document listing qualities employers look for in a job applicant. Some examples are a person who is responsible, detail-oriented, and cooperative. Use the Research option in the Tools menu.  On a second page, create a personal inventory of your own strengths and weaknesses as a potential applicant for a job of your choice. Name the file Activity 2-1-(your initials).  Share this document with a classmate you would like to collaborate with on this topic and then close it.