Day 9-10

Upon completion of this Lesson 2, you will be able to:

  • Select text. 
  • Create paragraphs without blank space between them. 
  • Undo, redo, and repeat recent actions. 
  • Move and copy text using drag-and-drop and the Clipboard. 
  • Use the Clipboard. 
  • Find and replace text. 
  • Identify the number of words in a document or a selection. 

Lesson 2 Folder

  1. Create a new folder named Lesson 2 inside of your Google Document folder in your Google Drive.
  2. Once your folder is created, you will need to locate the following shared files in this Lesson 2 folder:
    • Golf Tournament.docx
    • Job Interview.docx
    • Letter.docx
    • Web Site.docx
    • Workshop.docx
  3. Make a copy of these files, move those copies into the Lesson 2 folder, convert them into a Google Document formatted file, and rename them without the Copy of so the Google Document looks like the file names above.  
  4. Once you have converted these files, you can delete the original files with the W to the left of them.

Lesson 2 Textbook

  1. Read the Textbook and complete the step-by-step activities as they appear in your reading.