Day 17

Upon completion of Lesson 3, you will be able to:

  • Change the font.
  • Change the size, color, and style of text.
  • Use different underline and font effects.
  • Copy formatting using the Paint Format.
  • Understand styles and apply Quick Styles.
  • Create new Quick Styles.
  • Clear formatting.

Lesson 3 Folder

  1. After completing all the steps in the tutorial and the Lesson 3 projects and activities, share your Lesson 3 folder with your teacher.  Your folder should contain the following files:
    • Race Track Flyer Final
    • Employee Certificate
    • Checking Account Info
    • Break Room Poster
    • Employee Handbook
    • Formatted Golf Tournament Notice
    • Activity 3-1
    • Photo Lab

Lesson 3 Exam

  1. Lesson 3 Exam (password required)
    • For this assessment, you will be required to get a score of 16 or better!!