Day 29

Upon completion of Lesson 5, you will be able to:

  • Understand objects and how to use them in documents.
  • Insert objects and pictures.
  • Insert, resize, and move inline objects. 
  • Change an inline object to a floating object. 
  • Recolor graphics. 
  • Draw and modify shapes. 
  • Add text to drawings. 
  • Create callouts. 
  • Create and modify SmartArt. 
  • Create and modify WordArt. 

Project 5-1

A friend is having a garage sale. He asks you to create a flyer to distribute in the neighborhood.

  1. Create the poster shown in this link using what you have learned in this lesson. Refer to the instructions shown in the figure. 
  2. Insert a text box near the upper-right corner of the document. Type your name, then change the style to No Spacing. Change the outline of the text box so it is 4px wide.
  3. Name the document Garage Sale-(your initials).
  4. Close the document.

Project 5-2

Your manager has asked you to create an invitation to the office holiday party.

  1. Open the Invitation2.docx Data File. Rename the document as Holiday Invitation-(your initials).
  2. Search the Internet to find a holiday image.  Download that image to your Google Drive.  Insert the image above the text. Resize and align the graphic to fit the document.
  3. Change the text to a color, font, and size of your choice. The entire document should fit on one page.
  4. Insert a text box near the lower-right corner of the document. Type your name, and then resize the text box so that your name fits on one line. Format the text as bold, 12-point Calibri. Fill the text box with red.
  5. Close the document. 

Project 5-3

The vice president of finance for New World Marketing has asked each manager to submit an organization chart for his or her region. Vera Thomas has asked you to create the chart for the western region.

  1. Open the Memo2.docx Data File from the location in which your data files are stored. Rename the document as Org Chart Memo-(your initials).
  2. At the top of the document, change the color of New World Marketing, Inc. to dark cornflower blue 3.  Change the color of MEMORANDUM to the same color.
  3. Add a line below MEMORANDUM. Choose a line style that has one thick line, a dot, one thick line, and a dot.  Apply the same color to the line as you used for MEMORANDUM.
  4. At the top of the document, find and insert an image of the earth.
  5. Change the object to the wrap text option, and then resize it so it is approximately the same height as the header information at the top of the document (from the company name through the Web site address).
  6. At the end of the document, insert an organization chart using a SmartArt graphic.
  7. Modify the organization chart and insert text so it matches the chart shown in this link.  The fill color should be light purple one; the text should be light yellow 1; the line color should be dark green 1; and center the text vertically and horizontally in the box. 
  8. Add a callout in any style pointing to Rosa Molina’s box. Type Rosa was promoted to District Manager last week as the text of the callout.
  9. In the From line in the memo header, replace Vera Thomas with your name.
  10. Close your document.