Day 30

Upon completion of Lesson 5, you will be able to:

  • Understand objects and how to use them in documents.
  • Insert objects and pictures.
  • Insert, resize, and move inline objects. 
  • Change an inline object to a floating object. 
  • Recolor graphics. 
  • Draw and modify shapes. 
  • Add text to drawings. 
  • Create callouts. 
  • Create and modify SmartArt. 
  • Create and modify WordArt. 

Activity 5-1

  1. You are having a birthday party for your friend. Create an invitation using WordArt, images, and shapes. Use the drawing tools and Google Maps to create a map from your school to your house. The map should be a direct replication of the Google Map.  The school’s street address is 120 11th Avenue NE Sibley, IA  51249.  Title the document Birthday Party-(your initials).

Activity 5-2

  1. Create a newsletter about your class. Decide on a name for the newsletter, what information should be included, a page design, and attractive online images or clipart. Name the file Class Newsletter-(your initials)