Day 35

Upon completion of Lesson 6, you should be able to:

  • Insert page breaks. 
  • Understand content controls. 
  • Insert and modify headers and footers. 
  • Insert page numbers.
  • Modify document details.
  • Use the Research tool. 
  • Insert, modify, and format tables. 
  • Convert text into tables. 
  • Sort text. 

Project 6-1

Your supervisor has asked you to update the Guidelines for Outgoing Correspondence document.

  1. Open the Guidelines.docx Data File. Rename the document as Correspondence Guidelines-(your initials).
  2. Insert a header. Type Guidelines in the Title content control, and create a Date content control by keying the date for one week from today.
  3. Insert a footer. Insert the page number at the center.
  4. Open the Document Details Panel in Google Drive, and then open the Description dialog box for the document. Delete any text in the box. Add your name and a brief description of the file. In the Sharing dialog box, add your teacher.
  5. In the Document, position the insertion point to the right of the page number content control in the footer, and change the position to right align.
  6. On page 1, insert a page break before the Check Spelling heading.
  7. Select the words commonly misspelled words in the Check Spelling section. Open the Research pane to find other lists of commonly misspelled words.
  8. If you are connected to the Internet, open the Web page associated with one of the search results. Click in the Address bar at the top of the window to select the entire Web address. Control-click the selected address, and then click Copy on the shortcut menu. Close the browser tab. Position the insertion point before the period at the end of the second sentence in the paragraph under the Check Spelling heading. Press the spacebar, type ( and then paste the contents of the Clipboard (the Web site address). Type ) and then close the Research task pane.
  9. Add the following words to the list of misspelled words: laboratory, beginning, maintenance, cooperate, and friend. Use the drag-and-drop method to sort the misspelled words in ascending order.
  10. Preview the document.
  11. Close the document.

Project 6-2

Robert Montgomery wants to create a list of references for his personal portfolio for employment.

  1. Open the References.docx Data File. Rename it as References Formatted-(your initials).
  2. Convert the text in the document into a table with two columns.
  3. Enter the first and last row of information as shown in the attached table. Don’t be concerned with the formatting yet.
  4. Format the table as shown in this link. The text in the first row is 14 points. Notice that the names of the references in the first column are in bold, but the titles of the references are not. Also note that the first row is just tall enough to fit the text.
  5. Resize the columns to the widths shown in the attachment.
  6. Change the name Wayne Parks to your name. Share with your teacher and close the document.
  7. In your Google Drive, make a copy of References Formatted and then open that file. 
  8. Select the entire table. In the table menu, select Table Properties. Use the Table Borders buttons to remove the shading and the borders. The text in the first row is formatted in white, so it looks like there’s nothing there. Change the color of the text in the first row to black. Rename the  document as References Unformatted followed by your initials.
  9. Delete the first row in the document. If the new first row was reformatted as white text, select it, and then change the color of the text in the new first row to black. If necessary, correct the bold formatting in the first row.
  10. Preview the document.
  11. Close the document.

Project 6-3

You have been asked to create a table for the leading salespersons for New World Marketing.

  1. Open the Sales.docx Data File. Rename the document as Sales Leaders-(your initials).
  2. Insert a new row at the top of the table. Type the following headings: Name, (skip the second column), RegionManager, and Year-to-Date Sales.
  3. Use the drag-and-drop to move the last names in the second column behind the first name in the first column so that each person’s name appears in one cell. Insert a space between the first and last names.  Highlight the second column and delete it.
  4. Widen the fourth column so that Year-to-Date Sales fits on one line.
  5. Format the table so that the first row and column are filled with Dark Green 3White text, and a Light Blue 11.5 pt border. Format the remaining cells with a Light Green 2 fill color, Dark Blue 3 text color, and aWhite.75pt border.
  6. Sort the table by year-to-date sales in descending order.
  7. Center the table horizontally. Center the column headings and everything in the last column.
  8. In the memo header, replace All Employees in the To line with your name.
  9. Preview the document.
  10. Close the document.