Day 38

Upon completion of Lesson 1, you will be able to:

  • Define the terms spreadsheet and worksheet.
  • Identify the parts of a worksheet.
  • Open an existing workbook.
  • Rename a workbook.
  • Move the active cell in a worksheet.
  • Select cells and enter data in a worksheet.
  • Edit data in cells.
  • Find and replace data.
  • Preview and print a worksheet.
  • Close a workbook.

Lesson 1 Folder

  1. Create a new folder named Google Sheets inside of your Google Drive folder. 
  2. Inside of your Google Sheets folder, create a new folder named Lesson 1.
  3. Once your folder is created, you will need to locate the following shared files in this Lesson 1 folder:
    • Names
    • Neighborhood
    • Homes
    • Frogs
  4. Make a copy of these files, move those copies into the Lesson 1 folder, and rename them without the Copy of so the Google Sheets spreadsheet looks like the file names above. 

Lesson 1 Textbook

  1. Read the Textbook and complete the step-by-step activities as they appear in your reading.