Day 39

Upon completion of Lesson 1, you will be able to:

  • Define the terms spreadsheet and worksheet.
  • Identify the parts of a worksheet.
  • Open an existing workbook.
  • Rename a workbook.
  • Move the active cell in a worksheet.
  • Select cells and enter data in a worksheet.
  • Edit data in cells.
  • Find and replace data.
  • Preview and print a worksheet.
  • Close a workbook.

Project 1-1

  1. Open the Homes Data File.
  2. Rename the workbook as Homeownership-(your initials).
  3. In cell A15, enter Colorado.
  4. In cell B15, enter 67.3.
  5. In cell C15, enter 62.2.
  6. In cell A16, edit the data to Connecticut.
  7. In cell B16, edit the data to 66.8.
  8. In cell A5, delete the data.
  9. In cell H1, enter your name.
  10. Close the workbook.

Project 1-2

  1. Open the Neighborhood Data File.
  2. Rename the workbook as Neighborhood Estimates-(your initials).
  3. Enter the square footages in the following cells to estimate the home costs. The estimated home cost in each neighborhood will change as you enter the data.
    • Cell Enter
      C6 1250
      C7 1500
      C8 2200
      C9 1500
  4. After selling several houses in the Lake Side neighborhood, Neighborhood Properties has determined that the cost per square foot is $71, rather than $68.75. Edit cell B7 to $71.
  5. In cell B1, enter your name. 
  6. Close the workbook. 

Project 1-3

  1. Open the Names Data File.
  2. Rename the workbook as Last Names-(your initials).
  3. Use the Find command to locate the name CHAVEZ. The active cell should be cell A199.
  4. Click in the worksheet outside the dialog box, and then press the Ctrl+Search+left arrow keys to return to cell A1.
  5. Click in the Find and Replace dialog box, and then locate the name YORK. The active cell should be cell A618.
  6. Click in the worksheet, and then press the Ctrl+Search+left arrow keys to return to cell A1.
  7. Click in the Find and Replace dialog box and then replace the name FORBES with FABERGE. The active cell should be cell A988.
  8. Undo the last change you made to the workbook.
  9. Close the workbook.

Activity 1-1

  1. The purpose of a spreadsheet is to solve problems that involve numbers. Identify two numerical problems in each of the following categories that might be solved by using a spreadsheet.  Record your results in a Google Document titled Activity 1-1-(your initials).
    1. Career
    2. Personal
    3. School

Activity 1-2

  1. You have selected a large range of adjacent cells that extends over several screens. You realize that you incorrectly included one additional column of cells in the range.To reselect the range of cells, you must page up to the active cell (the first cell of the range) and drag through several screens to the last cell in the range. Is there a better way to remove the column from the range, without having to reselect the entire range? Also, is there a faster way to select such a large range—one that doesn’t include dragging through several screens?Click the Google Spreadsheet Help menu to open the Sheets Help window. Research how to select fewer cells without canceling your original selection. Then research how to select a large range without dragging. In Google Document, write a brief explanation of the steps you would take to change the selected range and to select a large range without dragging. Name the file Activity 1-2-(your initials).