Day 50

Upon completion of Lesson 4, you will be able to:

  • Enter and edit formulas.
  • Distinguish between relative, absolute, and mixed cell references.
  • Use the point-and-click method to enter formulas.
  • Use the Function button to view summary calculations.
  • Preview a calculation.
  • Display formulas instead of results in the worksheet.

Activity 4-1

  1. You need to identify three jobs that you might want to have in the future.  You then need to find the average gross salary earned for that job utilizing the Occupation Outlook Handbook.  Use the alphabetized listing of careers to find yours and then utilize the Pay tab to find your numbers.  You know the gross pay (the amount before taxes), but not your net pay (the amount after taxes have been taken out).  Assume  you  will  have  to  pay  10%  income  tax  and  7%  Social  Security  tax.  Develop  a worksheet with formulas to determine your net pay. Your worksheet should include the following:
    • In the range C3:C5, formulas that multiply the gross pay in column B by .10.
    • In the range D3:D5, formulas that multiply the gross pay in column B by .07.
    • In the range E3:E5, formulas that subtract the amounts in columns C and D from the amount in column B.

    Format the worksheet appropriately and attractively. Name the workbook as Job Offer-(your initials). Close the workbook.