Day 71

Upon completion of Lesson 1, you will be able to:

  • Start Google Presentation.
  • Understand the elements of the presentation window.
  • Open an existing presentation.
  • Rename a presentation.
  • Navigate through a presentation.
  • Change views.
  • Use the Slides and Outline tabs.
  • Use the Ribbon.
  • Use the Slide pane and Notes pane.
  • Change the layout.
  • Delete a slide.
  • Print a presentation.
  • Exit Google Slides

Project 1-1

  1. Open Network from the Data Files.
  2. Rename the presentation as Network Summary, followed by your initials.
  3. Run the presentation as a slide show. Click to advance each slide.
  4. Leave the presentation open for the next project.

Project 1-2

  1. Make a copy of the Network Summary file from your Lesson 1 folder.
  2. Rename the file to Network Summary-2 followed by your initials.
  3. Select and move slide number 6 so that it is the second slide in the presentation.
  4. Set the Print Settings as the presentation as audience handouts with four slides per page.  
  5. Run the presentation as a slide show.
  6. Close the presentation.

Project 1-3

  1. Search the Internet for a Google Presentation project about a subject that interests you.
  2. Download the file, upload it to your Google Drive, and rename the file as Project 1-3 followed by your initials.
  3. Run the presentation as a slide show.
  4. Set the print settings as the presentation as audience handouts with four slides per page. 
  5. Close the presentation.

Activity 1-1

  1. It is helpful to plan a presentation before you actually create it on the computer. Using the Google Drawing app, create a flow chart to identify what your slide process will look like.  Name the drawing My Sketch followed by your initials.  Sketch out ideas for your presentation on one of the topics below, or make up your own.
    • Help start a community campaign to keep your city clean.
    • Encourage people to donate blood in the blood drive campaign next week.
    • Explain the procedure for some safety technique (performing CPR, fire prevention, how to baby-proof a house, performing first-aid).
    • Offer the opportunity to be involved in a community project or volunteer organization.
    • Explain the advantages of adopting an animal from the local shelter.
    • Provide information about a new class that will be available in the fall.
  2. Create a new Google Slide presentation titled My Presentation followed by your initials.  The presentation should focus on the topic you chose above and follow the flow depicted in your flow chart.  It should have at least four slides to include a title slide and indicate where you would put images, a video, and animation.