Day 75

Upon completion of Lesson 2, you will be able to:

  • Create presentations.
  • Apply themes.
  • Use the Slide master.
  • Edit pictures.
  • Add slides.
  • Find and replace text.
  • Add text to slides.
  • Add notes to slides.
  • Change alignment, spacing, case, and tabs.
  • Work with bullets.
  • Change font attributes.
  • Check spelling, style, and usage.
  • Format slides.
  • Add images and videos to slides.
  • Insert hyperlinks.
  • Apply custom animation.
  • Apply slide transitions.

Project 2-1

  1. Start Google Presentation.
  2. Open the presentation EMT Advanced Class.pptx from the folder where you store the Data Files for this lesson.
  3. Rename the presentation as EMT Advanced Class-Fall Session, followed by your initials.
  4. View the presentation.
  5. On slide 2, change the slide layout to Two Content. Add relevant images to the slide.
  6. Apply a theme of your choice to the presentation.
  7. Apply a different background to the World Wide Web slide.
  8. Enter notes on at least two slides, using the Notes pane. Then, add text to at least two of the slides that have titles.
  9. Insert at least two new slides and add text to the placeholders.
  10. Add Web page addresses to the Web slide. Add images or any videos to several of the slides.
  11. Use the Animation task pane to create at least two animations in the slide show; animate any objects or text.
  12. Add at least two different transitions to the slide show.
  13. Adjust all of the text in the presentation so that it appears correctly on each slide.
  14. Run the presentation on your computer.
  15. Add your name to the Notes pane.
  16. Exit Presentation.

Project 2-2

  1. Locate the EMT Advanced Class-Fall Session file you created in Project 2-1.
  2. Make a copy of this file. Rename the presentation as EMT Advanced Class-Fall Session-2, followed by your initials.
  3. Insert a new slide after the last slide with the layout Title and Body.
  4. On the last slide type Prices as the title of the slide.
  5. Below Prices, Type the following:
    • Beginning Class — $100
    • Intermediate Class — $125
    • Advanced Class — $150
  6. Leave the presentation open for the next project.

Project 2-3

  1. Open and make a copy of your EMT Advanced Class-Fall Session-2 from your Google Drive.
  2. Rename the file EMT Advanced Class-Fall Session-3
  3. Go to slide 1 and type the following in the Notes pane: Be sure everyone has a handout.
  4. Enhance the slide show, adding any additional objects or animations that you want. Check spelling. 
  5. Close the presentation.

Activity 2-1

  1. Use a template, either installed or from the Google site, and the skills you learned in this lesson to create a presentation for an organization to which you belong. Be sure to check your presentation for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage. Include images, at least one image from a file, and add animations and transitions to the slide show. Include one hyperlink to a favorite Web site. Name the file My Organization followed by your initials.

Activity 2-2

  1. It is helpful to plan a presentation before you actually create it on the computer. Think of ideas for a presentation on one of the topics below, or make up your own. The presentation should have at least four slides.
    • Help start a community campaign to keep your city clean.
    • Encourage people to donate blood in the blood drive campaign next week.
    • Explain the procedure for some safety techniques (performing CPR, fire prevention, how to baby-proof a house, performing first-aid).
    • Offer the opportunity to be involved in a community project or volunteer organization.
    • Explain the advantages of adopting an animal from the local shelter.
    • Provide information about a new class that will be available in the fall.
  2. Create a presentation using the ideas from above.  Choose a theme.  Add video and images. Include slide transitions and animation. Name the file My Ideas followed by your initials.