Day 83

Upon completion of Lesson 4, you will be able to:

  • Integrate Presentation with other Google Apps.
  • Create a new master.
  • Create new layout masters.
  • Format text and objects.
  • Align text and pictures.
  • Insert comments.
  • Set up a slide show.
  • Package a presentation.
  • Download a presentation to view on the Web.
  • Send a presentation via e-mail.
  • Create output.

Project 4-1

For an astronomy club meeting, you need to create a custom slide show presentation about the solar system. After the presentation, the club members ask you for a file so that they can post the presentation to their Web site.

  1. Make a copy of The Solar System presentation file you worked on earlier in this lesson. Rename the presentation as Astronomy Class-(Your Initials).
  2. Change the theme to a new theme of your choice.
  3. Replace the current font throughout the presentation with a font of your choice.
  4. Select the title The Solar System on slide 1.
  5. Change the font to 40-point Franklin Gothic Book.
  6. Insert a text box on slide 7 with a new fact about Jupiter, format the text box using a new font, fill, and color.
  7. Insert a new text box on slide 9, Saturn, with a new fact about Saturn. Use the Paint Format to apply the same format as the text box on slide 7 to the text box on slide 9.
  8. Inspect the document.
  9. Publish the presentation as a Web page, and send it as an email to your teacher.
  10. Close the presentation.

Project 4-2

You decide to create another presentation about the moons around each planet.

  1. Open a new blank presentation. Enter the title on the title Slide as Many Moons, and then type By Your name as the subtitle.
  2. Name the presentation as Many Moons-(your initials).
  3. Insert a new slide with a blank layout.
  4. Open the the Planet Number of Moons Data File from your Google Drive that has a table containing the following information:
    • Planet Number of Moons
      Mercury 0
      Venus 0
      Earth 1
      Mars 2
      Jupiter 16
      Saturn 18
      Uranus 15
      Neptune 8
      Pluto 1


  5. Format the text as you see fit.  Embed the table in the Many Moons presentation file that is open.
  6. Copy and embed the table in the Many Moons presentation file that is open.  Center the text box on the slide.
  7. View the presentation.
  8. Create a custom layout using a shape and an image placeholder.
  9. Create a slide using the new custom layout.
  10. Add another slide using this text, and format the text:
    • Planet Time to Rotate Around the Sun
      Mercury 88 Earth days
      Venus 224.7 Earth days
      Earth 365.3 Earth days
      Mars 687 Earth days
      Jupiter 12 Earth years
      Saturn 29.5 Earth years
      Uranus 84 Earth years
      Neptune 165 Earth years
      Pluto 248 Earth years
  11. Add as many slides as you want to create a presentation. Apply a theme and use graphics and design elements to enhance the presentation.
  12. Inspect the file, and then check the document properties.
  13. Close the presentation.

Activity 4-1

  1. Your supervisor wants you to insert a chart into the presentation you are editing for him. You decide to use a Google Spreadsheet chart that you will create on your own. Your data needs to include information about three vacation destinations of interest to you.  The data you should include are as follows:
    • miles to destination
    • cost to get to destination
    • cost of lodging/hotel
    • cost of an area tourist attraction

    Use the internet to help you find your data for this chart.  Use the Spreadsheet Help system to find out how to enter data in a worksheet, and then create a chart using Spreadsheet. Use the features on the Chart Layout dialogue box to add titles, gridlines, and data labels. Embed the chart in a new presentation titled Activity 4-1 followed by your initials.

Activity 4-2

  1. Create an outline in Document using heading styles. Use at least three Heading 1 styles so your presentation has at least three slides. Import the text into Presentation to create a new presentation titled Activity 4-2 followed by your initials. Convert the presentation into a Web page and view it with your browser.