Day 85-90

Semester Project

Introduction:  It’s vacation time!  You need to decide on the vacation spot of your choice anywhere in the world.  You have one week (7 days) and $9,000 to spend.  You will need to make this trip happen during the month of June.  Use your research skills to thoroughly research your vacation.  This project should be done to the best of your ability and be of high quality.

Directions:  To best plan for this vacation, do the following:

    1. Create a new folder in your Computer folder titled Semester Project.  All the work you create in this project will be stored in this folder.
    2. Email your teacher and describe where you are going on your vacation.  Explain why you chose that destination and who will be going with you.
    3. Research your vacation destination.  Find websites that show pictures and describe activities you might participate in while you are there.  Create a new Google Document titled Vacation Destinations followed by your initials and record the website links.  If staying at a resort, send an email to the resort asking them for more information about their resort.
    4. Using Google Document, create a cover sheet for your vacation.  Be sure to use graphics and pictures.  On a second page, write a brief explanation (3 to 5 paragraphs double-spaced with a title) of where you took your vacation and why you decided to go there.  Provide details about the resort or hotel you will be staying at as well as the amenities if has available for you.  Name the file Dream Vacation followed by your initials.
    5. Create an itinerary in a new Google Spreadsheet.  Name the Spreadsheet Vacation Itinerary followed by your initials.  Use the internet to identify what an itinerary includes.  Be sure to include all seven days showing each day separated by the times that those things will be taking place.  Use hyperlinks to link the activity to a website to get more information about the activity.  Record the estimated start time and end time for each activity will take.  After you enter the pertinent information, create a new column with a formula that will calculate the total time you will be active in each activity as well as a total time for all your activities combine for each day.  In another new column, use a formula to identify what percent of your total time used will be given to each activity.  Make this percentage based on the total for the day.
    6. Create a new sheet titled Budget in your itinerary spreadsheet that shows a budget of your trip.  Note where and how you spend your money.  Make sure to format it to make it look good.  In your formatting, you need to show the following:
      • Percent of your budget spend
      • The actual total of your expenditures
      • Conditional formatting show your amount spent in red for any item that is 20% or more of your total amount available to spend
    7. Create a Google Slides presentation titled Dream Vacation Presentation followed by your initials that showcases your vacation plans.  The presentation should be at least 8 to 10 slides detailing where you are going, what you plan on doing/seeing there, how much the trip will cost, and picture/graphics that will help the audience identify what the trip would be like.  Be sure to use animations and transitions as well.
    8. Share your folder with your instructor.