Day 17-19

When you have completed this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of Pages within WordPress.
  • Create new pages within WordPress.

Assignment 3.4

    1. Read this tutorial, which explains Pages within WordPress.
    2. Make a copy of this document, rename it WPP3-(your initials), and move it into your Lesson 3 folder.
    3. As you read through the tutorial, answer the questions in the document.

Assignment 3.5

  1. You should have by now received an email about your user account created in your WordPress site.  Please confirm the registration of your account.  Then type in the following URL to get into your account:*/wp-login.php/ when the * is replaced with your student user number.  Once in your account, click on Profile.  With your Profile information appears to the right, scroll down to the New Password portion towards the bottom.  Generate a new password and use your school email password.
  2. Create the following pages using the Classic Block format within your WordPress account.  These pages should include the title provided, text shown, and text features as labeled.  Be sure to publish each page once you have created it.
    • Montana Parks (no parent)
    • Historical Trail (no parent)
    • Montana Attractions (no parent)
    • Preserves (Montana Attractions)
    • Nez Perce (Preserves)
    • Glacier (Preserves)
    • Yellowstone (Preserves)
    • Hotel Form (no parent)
    • Volunteer (no parent)
    • Montana Guide (Montana Attractions)
    • Wildlife Watching (Montana Guide)
    • Blog (Montana Parks)

Lesson 3 Folder

  1. Navigate to your Lesson 3 folder in your My Drive and share it with your instructor.  Your folder should include the following files:    
    • WPSG3
    • WordPress Settings
    • WPP3
  2. Create a new email addressed to your instructor with a link to your the website you just created.  Your website address is the same address as your login address, just remove the /wp-login.php at the end of the domain address.