Day 27-28

When you have completed this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of Tags within WordPress.
  • Create new tags within WordPress.

Assignment 4.8

  1. Read this tutorial, which explains the different tag options within WordPress.
  2. Make a copy of this document, rename it WPSG6-(your initials), and move it into your Lesson 4 folder.
  3. As you read through the tutorial, answer the questions in the document.

Assignment 4.9

  1. Any word or set of words can be used as tags in WordPress.  The key is identifying what words to use and choosing words that will be most beneficial for viewers of your site.  You task in this assignment will be identifying how to go about choosing words to use as tags in your posts.  In the process, strive to identify what terms people are currently using as tags on their site.
  2. Create a new Google Document titled Tags That Work-(your initials) and move it into your Lesson 4 folder.
  3. Write a 1/2 to one page response detailing your findings from your research.

Assignment 4.10

  1. Create the following tags within your Montana Parks site:
    • hike
    • camp
    • outdoors
    • park
    • national park
    • animals
    • wildlife
    • history
    • rocks
    • formations
    • trail
    • scenic
    • mountains
    • snow
    • plants
    • flowers
    • birds
    • mammals

Lesson 4 Folder

  1. Navigate to your Lesson 4 folder in your My Drive and share it with your instructor.  Your folder should include the following files:
    • WPSG4
    • Category Research
    • WPSG5
    • What to Post
    • WPSG6
    • Tags that Work
  2. Create a new email addressed to your instructor with a link to your the website you just created.