Day 29-30

When you have completed this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of Links within WordPress.
  • Create new Links within WordPress.

Assignment 5.1

  1. Inside of your Web Design folder, create a new folder titled Lesson 5.

Assignment 5.2

  1. Read this tutorial, which explains the different link options within WordPress.
  2. Make a copy of this document, rename it WPSG7-(your initials), and move it into your Lesson 5 folder.
  3. As you read through the tutorial, answer the questions in the document.

Assignment 5.3

  1. It is important for your viewers to be able to maneuver around your website freely.  Links can help them do that.  However, there are times when more information is needed to expand your expression on a topic and outside resources are needed.  Links can be helpful in this aspect as well.
  2. To better provide your viewers for your Montana Parks with more accurate information, you will need to identify important secondary sources of information to link your site to.  You will also utilize links within your site so a visitor can utilize all the information on your site.  Use the following instructions to complete this assignment:
    1. Identify two pieces of information that are already present on the pages that you made within your Montana Parks site that will help a reader of any of your current five blog posts.  Create a link from your blog posts (two at a minimum) to those pages.
    2. Identify three to five websites that would provide additional information about any of your current blog posts (you have to use two blog posts at a minimum).  Create links from your blog post to those websites.
    3. Create a new Google Document titled Effective Links-(your initials) and move it into your Lesson 5 folder.
    4. In this document, explain in detail why you made the two links within your website.  Then explain why you chose the outside website sites and their benefit for you to link them to the blog posts that you linked them to.