Semester Final

When you have completed this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Design a personal website selling a product, service, or supporting an idea.

Assignment SF1

  1. Create a new folder inside of your Web Design folder and title it Semester Project.  All your files for your project will be stored in this folder.
  2. Brainstorm ideas that you could use as a basis for the website you will design.  Your site should include a product or service you can offer to your audience.  Once you have your idea, write a one-page report, title your document My Website Idea-(your initials), detailing your idea and explain why you think it would be a success.  Then share your report and ideas with your instructor.  Once you instructor okays your idea for your site, you can move forward.
  3. Design a personal website that includes the following components:
    • Research the current marketplace to identify at least 2-5 current websites that would be in competition with your proposed website.  Navigate through their site to identify what their focus on the site is, how it is laid out, what products/services they offer, and what makes their site unique.  Write a two to three page report detailing your findings.  In a final paragraph, identify how your site will be similar and different from the competitors.  Specifically, note what will make your site stand out as different.  Title your document Current Marketplace-(Your Initials).
    • Target Market Presentation – 5 or more slides detailing specific research pertaining to your target market for your site.  Note who they are, what they do, where they live, why they would use your site, etc…  Name your presentation Target Market-(Your Initials).
    • Establish a brand for your site focused around providing a solution for your target market. Do some online researching to establish a basis for what branding is and why it is important for a site to focus on their brand.  Then establish what your brand will include and be focused around.  Create a new Google Document titled Branding Strategy-(Your Initials).  In this document, you will write a one-page report detailing your branding strategy.  In the first paragraph, detail your findings on the importance of branding.  In a second parargraph, explain how you will establish and maintain your branding on your site.
    • Predesigned website layout on paper.  This needs to include the navigation layout you will choose, where your text, images, videos, and forms will appear.  This should be organized in a professional quality way where you utilize the entire posterboard, a ruler, and color to finish the layout off.
    • Create, at a minimum, two videos, uploaded and edited with YouTube, and incorporated into your site.
    • Write a new blog post every day that provides beneficial information for your target audience.  These should include a featured image, tags, and categorized.  Your instructor will identify what day these will start on.
    • Your site should include, at a minimum, the following five pages:
      • Home
      • Blog
      • Contact Us
      • About Us
      • Products/Services
    • To enhance the viewer experience on your site, you need to select a theme, utilize at least 5 widgets, create a primary menu, design a site logo, and establish a site title for your web site.
    • Utilize a Google Form to gather information from your target audience.  Title your form My Form-(Your Initials).
    • Incorporate images that will add value to your site.  You need 15 at a minimum on your site.  You can utilize more than that if you’d like.
    • Utilize one secondary YouTube video to enhance the viewership of your visitors.
  4. Here is a copy of your scoring rubric.