Day 16

Upon completion of Lesson 3, you will be able to:

  • Change the font. 
  • Change the size, color, and style of text. 
  • Use different underline and font effects. 
  • Copy formatting using the Paint Format. 
  • Understand styles and apply Quick Styles. 
  • Create new Quick Styles.
  • Clear formatting. 

Activity 3-1

  1. Create a certificate honoring a person in an organization to which you belong or want to belong.  Name the document Activity 3-1-(your initials). Close the document

Activity 3-2

  1. You work for a photo lab. In addition to film developing, the lab also offers reprints, enlargements, slides, black-and-white prints, copies and restorations, posters, and passport photos. Your manager wants to include a list of services available with each customer’s order, and he asks you to create it. List each service, how much it costs, and how much time it takes to complete. Make effective use of Quick Styles, fonts, font sizes and style, colors, and effects. Name the document Photo Lab-(your initials). Close the document.