Day 24

Upon completion of Lesson 4, you will be able to:

  • Set the margins of a document. 
  • Align text. 
  • Adjust paragraph indents.
  • Adjust line and paragraph spacing.
  • Set and modify tab stops. 
  • Create and modify bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Create an outline numbered list. 

Activity 4-1

  1. Create your own resume using the format of the resume in Project 4-2. Share your resume with your parent/guardian. You should have something under each category of the resume.  Name the file My Resume-(your initials)

Activity 4-2

  1. Make a bulleted list of your three favorite songs, three favorite books, and three favorite movies. Choose a different bullet symbol for each list by clicking the bulleted list while holding down the Control key and then selecting More bullets. Search for just the right bullet character for each list. Name the file Favorite Things-(your initials).